Have you ever heard of abfractions? Until my last check up at my dentist's office, I didn't know what an abfraction was. An abfraction is often a notch in the dental structure that is near the gum line as well as under the gum line. It will generally be on the side close to the cheek rather than the tongue side.

I additionally discovered they're able to result in serious problems in case they are not looked after in a timely manner.
All sources of abfractions are not known but there are 3 theories of what causes them. The first one is the fact that incorrect force on the tooth due to a misaligned bite (the teeth not lining up properly) can cause an abfraction.
When your bite is off of, even just slightly, one particular tooth may hit sooner than the others. This will cause undue stress on the tooth involved, and they start to flex. By having this stretching and contracting constantly, with time it triggers the enamel to split up from the inner dentin part of the tooth, and this forms a notch in the gum line.
A few people think that utilizing an excessive amount of abrasive toothpaste eats in to the enamel and causes problems. The aggressive ingredients in the toothpaste together with poor brushing (especially very aggressively) gouges out a V shaped indentation in the enamel of the tooth.
And prodentim google reviews (www.timesofisrael.com) also the previous theory is the clenching and grinding typically done at night. It places an enormous amount of increased stress on the tooth.
If perhaps the bite of yours is slightly off, the dentist could remove areas therefore when chewing takes place, all forces are equally distributed with all of the tooth.
If grinding as well as clenching is the problem, the dentist might recommend a night guard to absorb the worries and preserve the tooth.

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