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Over the counter yeast infection cures that stop working are a problem for a huge number of women each month. This is not only frustrating for these ladies, but this kind of problem with over the counter yeast cures is coming up with resistant Candida yeast that gets to be more tricky to overcome.
75 % of females have their lives disrupted by a yeast infection at a little while in their lifetime. When your medication does not do the job it's designed for this minor disruption can become a significant life changing problem. Living with a yeast infection for a few days is not an enjoyable experience. That few days can turn into weeks, months or even years for a few women, and that is when it becomes a hassle.
These women are in a vicious circle of getting a yeast infection cure only to have their yeast infection return as soon as the therapy is completed. They then go out and buy an even more dynamic Candida cure, and also turn to oral medications to cure an infection that ought to have been cured within a few days of first acquiring the symptoms.
The primary reason a yeast infection is not cured the primary time is the over the counter toenail fungus treatment at walgreens (www.peninsuladailynews.com) is just curing one of the many symptoms of a yeast infection. The ladies that begin affected by an itchy, sore vagina naturally assume that this's exactly where the source of the yeast infection is, but this's not necessarily the case.
Whenever you just treat the symptoms it doesn't matter how effective the over the counter anti fungal cream is, you're not going to cure your yeast infection. When you're continually treating the yeast with the same anti fungal medicines the Candida you are trying to destroy soon become resistant. The Candida yeast is good at adapting to it's environment even if it's to live in a disorder that it's suppose to die in.
If you are one of the thousands of females who an over the counter yeast infection remedy not works it's vital you go and find out the doctor of yours. The doctor of yours is going to rule out any health reasons why your yeast infection has become chronic.

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